Home being so distant

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After so much time away from my home town of The Mornington Peninsula who knows when I will ever get back to this place and enjoy soaking up its early dawn atmosphere while i wait for the right light to take that photo. So many little beaches and coves that I miss so much. Here's is some of these moments that I have captured and hope to soon again one time. For now I will take on the challenges that that the Italian landscape has to offer and travels that await elsewhere Shelly BeachShelly BeachThis photo was taken back in 2008 before the dredging of Port Phillip Bay. Now beaches like this one here for example in Portsea are submerged by huge sand banks. The jetty in this photo is pretty much buried in the sand today Rising at Tideways BeachRising at Tideways BeachAn old photo taken in jpeg with my first digital. i loved this shot when it was taken and managed to recuperate some important detail in photoshop to make it quite a stable image McCrae Boat HousesMcCrae Boat HousesLovely sunrise coming over Arthurs Seat onto one of the most beautuful beaches on the Mornington Peninsula, McCrae Beach. Before the Dawn RisingBefore the Dawn RisingA 5 am shot on bulb exposure gave me this intense blue that you could only feel being there at that time. Rosebud Pier A man and his mateA man and his mateThis man and his dog literally walked out in front of me while I was trying to get a long exposure shot of this sunrise mounted on my tripod. Angry at the time I shot anyway and i have to say the man and his dog thankfully gave a bit of spark and balance to the image. Rosebud, Jetty Rd Pier. GroyneGroyneShowing one of the many groynes that are wedged along the bay of the mornington peninsula.

A groyne is a rigid hydraulic structure built from an ocean shore (in coastal engineering) or from a bank (in rivers) that interrupts water flow and limits the movement of sediment. It is usually made out of wood or concrete. In the ocean, groynes create beaches or prevent them being washed away by longshore drift. In a river, groynes prevent erosion and ice-jamming, which in turn aids navigation. Ocean groynes run generally perpendicular to the shore, extending from the upper foreshore or beach into the water. All of a groyne may be under water, in which case it is a submerged groyne. The areas between groups of groynes are groyne fields. Groynes are generally made of wood, concrete or rock piles, and placed in groups. They are often used in tandem with seawalls. Groynes, however, may cause a shoreline to be perceived as unnatural.
Rye PierRye PierEarly dawn take on rye pier. Opening up the shadows and adding some warmth to an otherwise blown out blue white balance really made way for quite an effective shot Safety BeachSafety BeachAnother quick long exposure dawn shot on this lovely little jetty used as a frequent boat ramp by local fisherman. I managed to sneak in just a few shots before the boats and 4 X 4's and trailors come raging in to ruin any other shot it had.


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