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I heard about these filters a good six months ago while listening to the Tripod Photography Podcast. They discussed various issues that us landscape photographers come across with regard to colour cast issues, sharpening and especially the general NEUTRAL issues regarding these filters all round. Breakthrough Photography claims that they are the sharpest ND filter on the market, so after reading the few reviews that are out there regarding these filters I thought, why not give it a go!


Its been a few months that I have purchased the X4 ND 6 stop filter now and have had a few opportunities to try it out. Well, the results are incredible! After years of dealing with average filter systems that claim to be the best and suffering with colour cast issues and spot on focus, I believe I have finally found the answer.


Below are 2 images in jpeg straight off the camera with no editing to give you an idea of the difference between the two. The first is without the filter and the other obviously with.


Apart from obvious differences in shutter speed flow in the water, notice just how rich and clean the colours are and just how sharp the second image is. NEUTRAL!!!!!!!! The image was shot with a Pentax and 16-50 sdm lens, not the sharpest system on the market, but look at the comparison between the two!


As for the following image, this was taken in RAW and edited in lightroom:


This shot was taken in full day light at around 2pm. The sun was very glary but using the 6 stop filter i managed to decrease the f stop to F8 and shutter speed of 1\2 second, with incredible results. Again colour cast and sharpness no issue at all.


I will be looking forward to push this filter in some more interesting and favorable conditions in the near future. As for now, I have just purchased the circular polariser from Breakthrough Photography and hope the results are similar. Even in today's digital world with post processing circular polarisers and neutral density filters are something landscape photography can't live without. No editing can produce their effect.

Well done Graham Clark at Breakthrough Photography!!!!


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