Matt Bishop was raised up in the small seaside town of Sorrento, Australia. During his childhood years there was certainly a stronge artistic background that influenced his photography later in life. Matt was drawn toward landscape photography after spending months climbing the mountains in Switzerland, and after soon arriving in London in 2002, he purchased his first 35mm Camera. Over the years his progression into capturing landscapes was a slow experimental one, until recently where his workflow in digital photography became far more refined. Today Matt resides in Rome, Italy, surrouded by anicent forests, medieval castles, rolling pastures and alpine jagged mountains.


In recent years his main photographic projects involve the Landscape Photography Workshops in Patagonia that he heads in collaboration with Kawen Expeditions, his private post production instructions in Rome, and recently discovering new locations in the surrounding "Medieval Italy". 

With local experience in areas such as Val D'Orcia in Tuscany and Abruzzo, his availability to organize private group or individual workshops is highly recommended.

For any questions regarding landscape photography or Workshop availability please don't hesitate to send an email