MATT BISHOP PHOTOGRAPHY | New photos release of the new Pentax full frame

New photos release of the new Pentax full frame

October 23, 2015  •  4 Comments

here's a few photos taken of the new Pentax full frame. We hope that this is the real deal. Looking the the photos it gives you a pretty good idea about the basic ergonomics of the camera and functionality. The top photo view is the best we have seen yet. Close up and personal. Thanks to our members of the Pentax full frame Facebook page. 



I am not sure if it is a mockup image of a previous camera release or not, but it was posted all over the pentaxforum website: It would be very interesting indeed to see if it is real or not.
That 3rd period pic showing a camera with built in lcd on the dial, can you tell what is it?

Very intriguing and a great concept!
Yes, it has been confirmed from reliable sources that at a pentax Ricoh photo booth that the camera was not supposed to be displayed and that Ricoh Japan ordered the head quaters in USA to remove it from display immediately.
according to various sources, the HQ in Japan didnt want this to happen. The camera in the USA was shown by mistake. OUUUUUCCCCCCCC
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