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Pentax FF late if you look at the forum rumors, but its official

September 20, 2015  •  3 Comments



Yes it is frustrating for those of us who wait as pentaxians and watch while Canon, Nikon and Sony advance ahead with FF. It makes us even tempted to change brands doesn't it. But, let me mind you, that Ricoh- Pentax never promised anything, They said end of year 2015 in the February announcement and haven't spoken about it since. The 6th of October date was a rumor created by a pentax forum member (Asahiman), with the statement "October 6th full of frames", who in the past has been quite accurate with his statements on this forum, but the date was in no way an official announcement by anyone with the Ricoh company. As far as one can make out from the pentax teaser website, the official debut will be in Spring, which judging from the Japanese season, will be around March April. At that stage who knows whether it will hit the shelves already or not. Lets hope that they give us more specs before hand. Anyway, for those interested, keep posted on my blog for further "reliable" updates regarding the matter or visit the facebook page "pentax full frame", where I sistematically keep things updated as I here about them
This is so frustrating. I have been waiting desperately since the initial announcement when they promised the end of the year. I heard it was October and now I find out it is going to happen next year, hopefully spring? And when will that be exactly
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