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K1 Up close and personal

February 26, 2016  •  Leave a Comment

I have added a few video links to this blog where we can see the Pentax K1 being used by viewers at the CP+ Camera and Imaging Show in Tokyo, Japan. Here we can see the various in DFA lenses being used on the full frame beast, such as the 70-200, 24-70 and an up close look at the 15-30 that has really never been seen yet on the web. Great to see the camera being handled and shots being taken at such high speeds and accurate results. The LCD screen resolution looks just amazing and the image stabilization on that wobbley tripod is insane. This camera is going to blow peoples minds away once it hits the fields in the hands of real pro's that can push its characteristics to the limits. I think that especially Nikon are going to be very afraid when they see that it out does this D810. We know what Jun Hirakawa's Tamron rebadged lenses can do so there is no surprise there.


Hope you find these links to the youtube videos interesting.


This link however is from last week which I find quite interesting to look at. Probably the most honest pre preview, lets say, on the net at the moment.






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