Pentax K1 Mark II Rumours

February 15, 2018  •  Leave a Comment




Over the past week there are a lot of rumors flying around about regards to a new release of a Pentax K1 Mark II. On pentax forums and trolling sites we can see leaked specs of the new camera body, and an underexposed image of what looks like a potential new K1? Or a new APSC sensor camera body? Who knows. Going back 3 years ago now, I remember that this is how things started out with the K1 rumours and leaked information, etc. As an informed user of pentax and an active user on various social's (like my facebook page for the K1), I can tell you only that there's  probability of a pattern evolving. If there is a new K1 camera body to be released soon, the specs that have been leaked do not seem to tell us anything apart from that they seem to be exactly the same as the original K1 themself. So, in my opinion they are not accurate. For now, all those thirsty pentaxians desperate for gossip, I would suggest you to not jump your guns. If we want to be realistic here, the probability that Ricoh will release a new K1 body is high, and if in any case I would assume a similar sensor or updated to 42mp, an updated right wheel menu control, better AF, and HD video. Obviously this speculation is based on what the user experience has highlight as issues with the system (apart from the sensor update).

To note, if there is a new system to come out, and if Ricoh are serious, we would assume that some new lenses will accompany it to draw new customers in and make some competition against the other big brands. 





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