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After recently having family relocate out to the South Gippsland area in Australia, on my brief visits to this lush and diverse landscape, I have scouted many areas inland and on the coast. This image infact is a location that I have craved to capture for years now and this January I was fortunate enough to have done so, even if the conditions werent exactly to my liking. After driving for 1 hour in the car on unknown roads at 4am toward my destination I finally made in to a beach car park where I was to turn left and drive on for 2.5km to reach the path to access the beach front. However there was no turn off and I was left alone in the dark with only the sounds of waves crashing nearby. After angrily wandering this surf beach front for 45 minutes I approached 2 young surfers in the distance. I asked them if they were aware of a beach by the name of the Pinnacles? They answered, of course! Just continue down this beach for another 20 minutes in the dark until you come across a sand dune. Once you do look for a staircase that will take you up to a path that if you continue on will take you there after another 30 minutes walking. Well, I was there now. I came this far, so I continued on for the search of this amazing beach. Eventually I found my way through the dark up on the path, where i came across some beautiful wallabies that eventually led me onto a cliff face with the beach below. There was no path and the only way was down. I began the descent dragging my behind down falling rocks and sand to eventually roll onto the beach with a huge bang. After this rather drammatic presentation the adrenalin calmed down and emotion took over. I was so blown away by the endless composition possibilities that the beach had to offer that I neglected to notice the huge incoming waves crashing right in front of me. Soon a 4 foot wave crashed completely over myself and the camera, luckily soaking through these huge boalders and not dragging me out into the current. Luckily I managed to capture that very incoming wave prior to collapsing over me, that you can see in this image. Every image has a story and this one for me I will certainly not forget. This April I will be heading a photo tour into the heart of Argentian Patagonia. Places are limited, so if you are interested please get in contact with me asap or follow the bellow links:
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