Workshop/Tour March 2022


After the huge success of our 2019 Workshop, March 2022 awaits for another Overland Experience. Our team provides a once in a lifetime opportunity to feel and breathe Patagonia for what it truly is. We propose a full immersion into the culture, the history and the wild nature of this land guided by our local experience. Changing your mindset to approach each image you compose.






GRASS RUSTGRASS RUSTHiebra Negra isolates itself from the harsh desert. Stipa grass taunts it’s beauty and guards it from the wind and dusk. The distant Andes Mountains cradle the light winds in the palm of its hands. Guancho gather and search for its moisture, the condor hunt from great height, and Caracara seed spreads the brood.
The experience on field with a group of photographers hunting and gathering for a composition on this dry magical and unforgiving land is unforgettable. Almost like living the meditation of Pre Hespanic settlers. The Patagonian wind whistling between us and the light of the evening sun taints with the sky above. To be the only photographers to have photographed here and each individual to come home with their memory of the Patagonian Steppe.



Local Patagonian Tour Operator, Kawen Expeditions member of Kawen Adventure Company, together with guest photographers Matt Bishop and Ed Rhodes, will take you into a dream land that you never thought possible.

This trip is designed for enthusiast landscape/nature photographers looking for a unique and adventurous photography experience in Patagonia guided by local knowledge and passion for the region, while traveling together as a group to guarantee the best opportunity to capture that ‘epic’ scene.

The Ruta 40 is the backbone of this spectacular region and we begin the traverse of this immense road network in San Carlos de Bariloche, nestled in the foothills of the Andes Mountains, then we travel south where our overland adventure will take us over endless plains where the views are simply lost on the horizon. An area chosen by the original pre-Hispanic settlers and today it’s solitary inhabitants live surrounded by nature’s harshest elements.

On our way, our local guide Federico Lucas Mirò (EVT 16.344), will lead the group right into the hidden landscapes of Patagonia, as well as explaining the history and nature of the area. Right in front of these impressive photogenic landscapes Matt and Ed will share their wide knowledge of landscape photography, while we capture many locations that no other photographer even knows exists!

After a week traversing down the Route 40 we will immerse ourselves amongst the beautiful and dramatic mountainscapes of El Chalten. Here will have a base camp set up with necessary services provided so we’ll never miss that magic moment on field.

This workshop is held at the best time of the year when autumn gives us unique light and colours.







  • Day 1-3         San Carlos De Bariloche/Enchanted Valley
  • Day 4            Piedra Parada.
  • Day 5            Perito Moreno Town.
  • Day 6            Cueva de las Manos 
  • Day 7-10       El Chaltén and Los Glacias National Park
  • Day 11          El Chaltén/El Calafate.
  • Day 12-13     El Calafate – Airport/departure to Buenos Aires.





•Discover the history and nature of Patagonia.

•Highlights of Bariloche, with its world famous landscapes and those hidden ones and Nahuel Huapi NP.

•Piedra Parada Geological Site.

•Cueva de las Manos and Río Pinturas Canyon. UNESCO World Heritage.

•Los Glaciares National Park. UNESCO World Heritage.

•Hiking and Mountain Photography at El Chaltén/Mount Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre.

•Perito Moreno Glacier




•Fundamentals of in camera settings.

•Understanding creative composition for fine art photography 

•The use of photographic accessories to maximize the best image possible.

•On field instruction and hands on use of a variety of high grade ND and polarizing filters and holders.

•Workflow for Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

•Group Photo Critique.








This is an active Overland and Photography Workshop.

In order to reach the locations for some of the photo sessions you will have to do a moderate hike for more than 2 hours. In addition to this, we will do a hike and photo exploration that will take you out into the wilderness for 4 days and 3 nights in base camps. Every day in El Chaltén there will be moderately strenuous 5 hours hikes with 1 optional strenuous 3 hours hike.


Please ask for the Recommended Check-List of Gear, Clothing and Photography Equipment.





March 27th-April 8th 2022



FLAME TREESFLAME TREESDay 2. Patagonia Overland Landscape Photography Workshop
This is an image taken from our second day on the workshop I lead in Patagonia this April.
As far as I know this location up until now has not been photographed by professional photographers due to its isolated and secluded location. Thankfully enough on this morning there was not wind so we were able to capture perfection reflection of the autumn Poplar trees in full colour.
In collaboration with Kawen Expeditions

Arrival at Bariloche Airport ready to start our photography adventure in Patagonia. The group will meet up prior to midday at Bariloche Airport and we will make the transfer in our private van to our first secluded location, The Enchanted Valley. After an hours drive we will take a river crossing by boat to reach our first nights accommodation in a very unique bio-ranch. Here we will commence a group introduction prior to tackling our first location at sunset. Afterwards we will toast to our great adventure together during the welcome dinner by an open fireplace with a bottle of Patagonia wine.

Accommodation: 3* Eco Lodge – with very cozy cabins (for 2,3 and 4 people) and DBL rooms, some with shared bathroom. This is a remote lodge and there will be no electricity during the night. Be aware to bring a torch.

Meals: Box Lunch, Dinner.






After an early morning photo session and breakfast we drive into Bariloche Town. Here we will arrive at our hotel, freshen up and dedicate some time for debriefing and post production lectures. There will be time at leisure to have lunch in town. In the afternoon we will go to explore a beautiful destination for photography and depending on the weather conditions, we will embark on an exciting boat adventure. According to the light and conditions we will have an evening photo shoot in one of Bariloche’s many scenic destinations.

Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel Shared DBL w/bathroom

Meals: Breakfast (only)





This is an image taken from our scouted out location from day 3 of our workshop. This image was taken a few days prior to taking the group out as on the day conditions werent the best. This area of Central Patagonia is so rich in nature and it is amazing how places like this arent visited by landscape photographers as yet.
On this particular morning my friend and guide Federico took me here to show the potential of such locations. We were lucky enough to have the sun rise just shine on to the mountain peak and within seconds the wind changed and conditions were entirely different.
In collaboration with Kawen Expeditions and Kase Filters Europe.


After an early morning photo session at one of Bariloche's intimate lakes we continue with a stop at the very famous panoramic viewpoint from Campanario Hill. During this excursion, our guide will explain us how this little mountain village has evolved into one of the most attractive cities in Patagonia and the National Capital of Adventure Tourism.  The tour continues with a nature-oriented walk through an impressive native forest in order to reach our next photo stop with an intimate view of the lakes and mountains. At midday we will stop for lunch,  before returning to our hotel.

This afternoon we will catch the sunset from a different perspective than yesterday

Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel Shared DBL w/bathroom

Meals: Breakfast and box lunch.




DAY 4: BARILOCHE/PIEDRA PARADA    364km– 6 hours

After an early morning breakfast we take the Ruta 40 South, driving beside blue lakes and jagged mountains. The road goes along fertile valleys and small villages. After almost 4 hours, we leave the Ruta 40 to take a detour off the main road to reach our destination at the amazing geological site: Piedra Parada and La Buitrera Canyon. The landscapes along this road become dry and it is the prelude of the fantastic rock formation system where we will enjoy our next photo session. We have a gourmet picnic lunch on location and there will be time to explore the area during the afternoon. Piedra Parada Formation is an ancient volcanic caldera in the middle of the Patagonian Plateau, encompassed by a phenomenal landscape in the semi-desert steppe region. This narrow canyon is considered a new rock climbing paradise and it is a place full of possibilities for great pictures.

After a fire cooked lamb for dinner on a local ranch, we will try a spot of night photography in an area completely free of light pollution , where the Milky Way shines in it’s entire splendour.

Accommodation: we stay in a Farm with very nice shared DBL rooms w/bathrooms.

Meals: breakfast, picnic lunch and dinner.





THE GUANOCO’S STEPTHE GUANOCO’S STEPTravelling along the Route 40 from Bariloche to El Chalten during the workshop/tour that I headed this year with Kawen Expeditions, was certainly an amazing experience and cultural emersion into Patagonian life for myself and all participants on this trip. Just out of Cueva De Las Manos we came across this pack of Guanaco that were grazing the land and curious enough to see our presence as we scattered shots of images their way into the bright midday light.

After breakfast we leave for the longest ride of the trip that goes through sheep farming country, tiny countryside towns and endless plains. Today we have time to talk with our trip partners, listen to music, discuss about photography and take the best “mate-tea” lesson!!! We will have a box-lunch on the road in order to arrive to our next destination late afternoon.

Accommodation: 3 star hotel shared DBL w/bathroom.

Meals: breakfast and lunch.





canyon, argenina, "cueva de las manos", "UNESCO", "world Heritage", "matt bishop photography", "ruta 40", "route 40", "cave of hands"Canyon's of Cueva de las ManosSubmerging canyons of Patagonia's Cueva de las Manos National Park UNESCO world heritage site.

Today we will visit the impressive Río Pinturas Canyon and the Cueva de las Manos Archeological Site. This is a Unesco World Heritage Site where Ancient Cultures left their art expression 9.000 years ago.

This segment of the Ruta 40 is one of the most colourful of the trip. We will visit the site during the morning, then we will continue to our next destination, an old road side hotel in the middle of nowhere. On the way we will have the chance to take impressive pictures of the Patagonian plaines as well as Mount St Lorenzo, one of the highest peaks in Patagonia.

Accommodation: Road-side Hotel – shared DBL w/bathroom.

Meals: breakfast, lunch (dinner not included)



DAY 7:  LAS HORQUETAS/ EL CHALTEN: 422 km, 5,5 hours

RAFTER RISINGRAFTER RISINGZero gravity exists on the floor of the ocean bed. A world beyond our curiosity. While scouting the plains of this area surrounding the Fitzroy Mountain mass, the surrounding flora and geology gave me a sense that this earth was once below the ocean and now exposing its beauty to the few that can see it. The jagged mountain peaks like a hidden city for the immortals below and the lime and purple shrubs as corals for the life of the delicate.

This epic and famous view of Fitzroy is one of many that we captured on our 13 day overland landscape photography tour in Patagonia. Our next trip is planned for April 2021. Lets hope life soon gets back to normal soon and this trip can go ahead.

Today we also have a long drive, we leave after breakfast and possible photo session and we will drive along the most remote and dramatic segment of the Ruta 40. No man’s land, wildlife such as guanacos, rheas, hawks and eagles are the true inhabitants. On the way we will have the chance to enjoy the remoteness of this place, long straits roads, the turquoise Lake Cardiel and arriving to our next destination the famous Patagonian Mountain Silhouette, Fitz Roy & Cerro Torre massif, on the way to our final destination at El Chaltén. If time permits we will have the possibility to photograph one of El Chalten's Iconic views of The Fitzroy silhouette. This evening we will sleep in a very comfortable hotel where we can freshen up, recharge our camera batteries and empty our SD cards in preparation for the following days in the mountains.

Accommodation: Hotel 3* - shared DBL w/bathroom.

Meals: breakfast, picnic lunch.





This morning in El Chalten town to heavy snow. No hikers or photographer left for the mountains on this day. We risks it, gathered our gear and hiked toward base camp at the base of Fitzroy Mountain. Hiking through the snow was tough work. All our clothes, shoes and gear got soaked as we pushed on to our destination. As tough as it was, being alone and feeling the solitude of these moutains and surronds scenery and the still air as it snowed upon as was a memory never to forget.
Along our way through the trees we came across this beautiful vista of Piedras Blancas Glacier in all its glory. I shot this image with the Pentax dfa 70-200 lens, and am just blown away by the results. So true to colour and tack sharp. It was worth carrying this heavy 2.8 lens up with me for sure. Thanks to Ricoh Imaging Europe for their support.
In collaboration with Kawen Expeditions, Ricoh Imaging, Kase Filters Europe and Sirui Tripods Italy.

During next 3 ½ days we will be camping and hiking around 5 to 6 hours a day, in order to photograph some of the world famous panoramic view points of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre mountains, as well as performing sunrise and sunsets photo sessions on specific sites of the area. Not only do we have our local mountain guide that can take us to locations that only they know best, but to guarantee that we photograph under the right light, we stay on Base Camps sites where required provisions will be set up for us by mountaineers at two special locations. Very few workshops provide this service for photographers and we know how important it is to be on location to evaluate the best timing to capture the right light. The hiking here is some of the most rewarding in the world. During the following days the Photo Sessions will be focused on different views and light conditions of the Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre Massif. The order of the hikes and photo sessions may change according to weather conditions.


We start the day before breakfast, leaving early for a sunrise photo session of the Fitz Roy Masiff, we go back to have breakfast at the hotel and have final check of our gear and leave extra clothing for daily changes and toiletries with our mountain porter. After meeting our local Mountain guide we will depart for our next photo adventure.

After a short bus ride, we will start the hike from El Pilar to Poincent Base Camp. On the way we will enjoy views of Piedras Blancas Glacier, Cerro Eléctrico and Cerro Chaltén (Mount Fitz Roy). After a 6 hour hike up to our base camp at Poincenot  we will be greeted to our shared tents already set up for us, and a communal igloo tent where our personal chef will provide us with warm cooked meals and drinks. According to weather conditions we will do another hike for a sunset photo session.

Accommodation: at Poincenot Base Camp. 1 tent each 2 people. Dry toilet.

Meals: breakfast, box-lunch, dinner.






Day 9. Landscape Photography Workshop Patagonia – Poincenot Base Camp El Chalten.

After a tough hike alone under the snow storm and a rough sleep with wet clothes this morning we awoke from camp to have this view teasing us through the trees. It wasn’t long before Fitzroy was glowing from the morning sun, and moments later disappeared. Just giving us time to set up for a composition. A very unexpected emotion for all participants to have this view so close to camp, and to have it all to ourselves, a very unique experience for this area.

Image taken with a Pentax K1 – 15-30 lens, Kase 150mm CPL and Sirui W2004 Tripod.

ISO 100. F13. 0.5 sec. 15mm. Photoshop for editing.

We start the day before breakfast leaving early for a sunrise photo session of the Fitz Roy Masiff. Then we return to base camp to have breakfast before another day hike. Hike to Laguna de los tres or Laguna Sucia. We end up the day with another sunset photo session such as The Secret Falls.

Accommodation: at Poincenot Base Camp. 1 tent each 2 people. Dry toilet.Meals: breakfast, box-lunch, dinner.




TOWER LAKETOWER LAKEThis is an image taken of Lago Torre at El Chalten on the 11th morning of the Patagonian Landscape Workshop that I headed this April. This was the last morning prior out descent down to El Chalten town for departure to Perito Moreno Glacier. The stormy light formation on this morning was perfect and with my wide angle lens broken i opted for the Pentax 24-70 with the Kase Wolverine 100mm kit and CPL to cut into that unwanted light.
Soon we will be announcing places for the 2020 Workshop please follow me for future news at: or via my facebook page.
In collaboration with Kawen Expeditions, Kase Filters Eu, Ricoh Imaging Eu & Sirui Tripods Italy.

We start the day before breakfast leaving early for a sunrise photo session of the Fitz Roy Masiff. Then we return to base camp to have breakfast before another day hike. Today we hike from Poincenot Base Camp to our next Base Camp at Laguna Torre passing through Lagunas Madre e Hija and changing valleys. We end the day with another sunset photo session.

Accommodation: at Laguna Torre Base Camp. 1 tent each 2 people. Dry toilet.

Meals: breakfast, box-lunch, dinner.



DAY 11: EL CHALTEN / EL CALAFATE: 220km, 3 hours

RIO FITZ ROYRIO FITZ ROYOn day 11 of our Patagonia Landscape Photography Workshop we left our dawn location at Laguna Torre to hike back down to El Chalten town prior to our departure for Perito Moreno Glacier. Travelling along the track parallel with Rio Fitz Roy River some nice compostions with good light were evident… teasing us to stay back for more. But time was essential to get back to our next location, so this spot will have to wait till next year.

We start the day before breakfast leaving early for a sunrise photo session of Laguna Torre. Then we return to base camp to have breakfast before another hike. Today we hike from Laguna Torre back to El Chalten arriving after lunch.

In the afternoon we get back on the bus to go to our next destination at El Calafate. This road is very colourful and we will be surprised with the turquoise colour of the Lakes Viedma and Argentino as well as La Leona and Santa Cruz glacial rivers.

Accommodation: 3 Star Hotel -shared DBL w/bathroom.

Meals: breakfast, box-lunch.




“perito Moreno glacier”, “perito Moreno”, glacier, Patagonia, “santa cruz”, “matt bishop photography”, icePRELATION OF MORENOPerito Moreno Glacier, Patagonia, Argentina.
The 250 km2 (97 sq mi) ice formation, and 30 km (19 mi) in length is the world's third largest reserve of fresh water. Named after the explorer Francisco Moreno, the glacier is one of only three Patagonian glaciers that is growing. The reason remains debated by glaciologists.

After breakfast we will drive towards the Andes Mountains to spend the day visiting Los Glaciares National Park’s most famous sight – the magnificent Perito Moreno Glacier. We will walk the walkways from balcony to balcony in front of the glacier, which no words will be apt to describe, as we anticipate seeing calving and hearing the thunderous sound that follows! Suggest doing the optional boat trip (not included) in front of the glacier for the complete experience of one of nature’s natural wonders.  Back in town we will have our Farewell Dinner.

Accommodation: Hotel 3* - DBL room w/bathroom.

Meals: breakfast.





Today our travel experience in Patagonia is about to end. After breakfast, if time prevails we will have our last photography group discussion by our guest photographers Matt and Ed at the hotel. Group contacts will be shared amongst us, and a group via social media will be compiled so that participants will receive support regarding post production and general support about locations we visited etc.

We will assist you with Airport Transfer arrangements (NOT included in price).

Meals: breakfast




$1000 USD Deposit (made payable by bank transfer or credit card to Kawen Adventure Company).

Due to the current pandemia outbreak Kawen Adventure Company understands that booking such a trip in advance may be demanding and uncertain, so we ask our participants to pay a deposit to hold your place in the workshop which is refundable at any stage (no questions asked). Refunds will incur a small bank transfer fee. The timing of the deposit payments will be communicated upon initial booking to hold your place in the workshop.

The final balance of the $3299USD will be made payable in 2 separate transactions: 1) $2799 USD via bank transfer (due prior to 27th February 2021) and  2) $500 USD made by a cash local payment on day 1 of the workshop.




What’s include:

•Professional Tour Leader and Local Guides.

•Photography Leader and Photography Workshop.

•Private van with driver.

•Entrance fees to National Parks and Sites.

•During Hike & Photo: Porter for personal gear (up to 5 kg) NOT for PHOTO EQUIPMENT.

•Accommodations:1 night in Enchanted Valley Lodge, 8 nights in 3 star hotel/hosteria in double room with private bathroom and 3 nights at base camp tents at El Chalten .

• Meals:  12 breakfasts, 9 lunches (some are packed lunch) and 5 dinners.


What’s extra:

•International and local Flights to Bariloche and from El Calafate.

•TRF OUT to El Calafate Airport.

•Alcoholic drinks during all meals.

•During Hike & Photo - Personal Porter for photo equipment max 15kg: U$D 130 per day.

•Boat trip in front of Perito Moreno Glacier.

•Personal Travel Insurance.

•Staff and guides gratuities.




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The terms and conditions of this workshop/tour are as per Kawen Adventure Company. As guest photographers, Matt Bishop and Ed Rhodes, will not be held responsible for any payments or public liability for any persons participating on this trip.

Kawen Expeditions is part of Kawen Adventure Company E.V.T. No. 16344. Kawen Adventure Company is an Argentian Travel Tour Operator (Empresa de Viajes y Turismo) certified by the National Ministry of Tourism.

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