The three peaks of lavaredoThe three peaks of lavaredoThe Tre Cime di Lavaredo. This place near Cortina D'Ampezzo high up in the Italian Dolomites dominates its surrounds and leaves people in awe after being in its massive presence. I have dreamed for years of photographing this scene, and have carefully studied how to execute it in every way. Unfortunately the weather was not exactly what I expected. The sky was quite flat and there was little cloud information to work with. Using my polariser and waiting for about 5 hours finally a streaked of mid afternoon light came laterally through to the right hand side giving the image just that little bit of drama to work with. I have tried to work very minimally with this RAW file in lightroom to keep it as real as it was to me in that time. The image is two landscape images cropped in lightroom to show the surrounds on both sides.